We are proud to present the first Funky Guerrilla brand ambasador

Funky Guerrilla is proud to present Andrej A. Gajić as its first brand ambassador. We strongly believe in the values Andrej is representing and with this cooperation we want to highlight that the common values we share with him are the things we all need to strive for.

Andrej A. Gajić is a National Geographic Explorer and a research scientist dedicated to the better understanding of the mechanisms of disease development in sharks, skates and rays, as well as their conservation. Through his work thus far, Gajić has published over 70 scienific publications and two widely recognized books, and he has coordinated over 30 research expeditions across the Europe, the Middle East and North Africa – primarily in the Mediterranean and Red Sea. Gajić is the founder and leader of the Shark Tales team whose current research is focused on the effects of the habitat loss and pollution on elasmobranch health and specific disease development. Additionally, Gajić is conducting various research in the fields of ecology, pathology, anatomy, odontology and genetics. Over the last ten years, his research has been funded by the National Geographic Society, the Rufford Foundation, the Waitt Foundation, the PADI Foundation, IDEA WILD and many others. As a dedicated research diver and scientist, Gajić has encountered and interacted with over 50 elasmobrach species, with significant experience interacting with cat sharks, sand tigers, zebra sharks, stingrays, rough sharks, and many other species.

Andrej has proven that persistence and hard work are the key to success regardless of the starting positions we are in, and this are the values we feel we share with him and which we want to promote. With the new collection being just days away, it is truly a great honor to welcome Andrej who is now officially an important member of the Funky Guerrilla community.

Make sure to follow us, but also your stand and beliefs and always believe in them.



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